The Shady Corps – The Shady Corps LP (2015)
  • Genre:Underground Hip-Hop
  • Release date:30 Aug 2015

The Shady Corps – The Shady Corps LP (2015)

Name: The Shady Corps (Pacewon of Outsidaz) – The Shady Corps LP
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Team Won Incorporated
Featuring: Mic Rippa, CyMarshall Law, Stiltz (of Babylon Warchild), Denz One, Tone Liv, Mood Swangz, Denku, Quantom Physics, Burrowz, Shawn Lov, AmOner, Sat One, MotionPlus, Rival, Milkbone, Pryme Prolifik, Brash, S Ka Paid, Rory Sparrow, Prossess, William Cooper, Weegee, Ill Proceeja, Lakim Shabazz, Urban Shocker
Producers: Denz One, Mr. Joeker, Stilz (of Babylon Warchild), P Original, Sat One, JP Sheridan, Simplex, Jon?Doe, Rory Sparrow, Paul Haverman Beats, Wann Sklobi, Daptive R.I.P.
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:04:21
Size: 147 Mb

[04:41] 01. He Said It Featuring Denz One
[04:02] 02. Mercury Rising Featuring CyMarshall Law
[03:08] 03. Magneto Featuring Stiltz of Babylon Warchild
[05:49] 04. Funky Bruce – Featuring Tone Liv, Mood Swangz, Denku, Quantom Physics, Burrowz, Shawn Lov, and AmOner
[03:19] 05. Just Like Me (Live) – Featuring Sat One
[02:50] 06. Don’t Stop – Featuring MotionPlus
[03:41] 07. 7. For The World – Featuring Rival, Milkbone, Pryme Prolifik, and Brash
[03:08] 08. Nice Guys – Featuring S Ka Paid
[03:50] 09. Run Along – Featuring Simplex
[04:56] 10. Order – Featuring Mic Rippa and Milkbone
[02:41] 11. Superstar – Featuring Rory Sparrow
[03:49] 12. Outerspace – Featuring Prossess, William Cooper, Weegee and Ill Proceeja
[04:07] 13. Until the Groupies Are All Gone – Featuring Paul Haverman
[05:38] 14. Bonus – Featuring Tone Liv, Rival, Icarus, and Shawn Lov
[03:20] 15. Lost Souls – Featuring Lakim Shabazz and Urban Shocker
[03:03] 16. Magnanimous – Featuring MOox Mookneto Einstienart
[02:12] 17. Won In a Million – Featuring JD Walker Conspire

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