Jay Z Possessed My Body, Murder Suspect Claims

Jay Z Possessed My Body, Murder Suspect Claims


October 14th, 2015


Jason Russell Jump claims that Jay Z possessed his body when he allegedly bludgeoned his wheelchair-bound landlord to to death, according to the Hawaii Tribune Herald.

Jump has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of James V. Johns. He was 54.

Jump allegedly killed Johns by striking him with a sharp instrument in a toolshed on Johns’ Hawaiian property in 2012

Jay Z Possessed My Body, Murder Suspect Claims

In Hilo District Court Friday (October 9), psychologist Dr. Duke Wagner testified that Jump said authorities should “put Jay Z in prison for the murder of James Johns and put other Illuminati who’ve been attacking [Jump] in prison, too.”

Judge Barbara Takase is slated to rule November 24 on whether or not Jump is mentally fit to stand trial.

Jump is confined at Hawaii State Hospital while he awaits the ruling. He attended the hearing Friday.




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