C-Mob – Lazarus Pit (2022)
  • Genre:hip-hop
  • Release date:26 Apr 2022

C-Mob – Lazarus Pit (2022)

Name: C-Mob – Lazarus Pit
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2022
Label: Self-released
Featuring: KXNG Crooked, Shoe Gang, Bootleg of Dayton Family, Wrekonize, Ubi, TJ Holland, Lex Bratcher, Buk of Psychodrama & Madam Dane
Producer: C-Mob, Matt Riefler, Mossberg, Fylohtee
Format: mp3 | 256 kbps
Duration: 01:08:55
Size: 136 Mb

1 Dr. Phim (Skit)
2 Beef (feat. KXNG Crooked)
3 Issue (feat. Shoe Gang)
4 Let’s Get Em (Remix) [feat. Bootleg of Dayton Family & Madam Dane]
5 Trust None (feat. Buk of Psychodrama)
6 If I Hated the World 2 (feat. KXNG Crooked)
7 See Where Your Mind Takes You (Skit)
8 Deep (Remix) (feat. Shoe Gang, TJ Holland & Ubi)
9 What I Said
10 Help You Focus (Skit)
11 So Fly
12 Bad Day Better
13 Final Part of the Process (Skit)
14 Paper (Remix) [feat. KXNG Crooked]
15 Vibe Life (Remix) [feat. TJ Holland & Lex Bratcher]
16 Best That I Can (Remix) [feat. TJ Holland & Wrekonize]
17 Smile 2 (feat. KXNG Crooked)
18 Strongest Version of Yourself (Skit)

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