D.E.X. – What They Want What They Need (1999)
  • Genre:hip-hop
  • Release date:09 Jan 2024

D.E.X. – What They Want What They Need (1999)

Name: D.E.X. – What They Want What They Need
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 1999
Label: Brown Rice Entertainment
Featuring: Famin, CSW, Gabby, Merciless Stylz, Benjilino, Jon Wells, Rocswell, Rodney, Big Luet & K-Boogs
Producer: D.E.X., Jon Wells, Tony Touch, Larry Cox
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:12:14
Size: 166 MB


01. What They Want featuring Famin
02. Paper Chasin’ featuring CSW
03. Hangin’ Out featuring Gabby
04. Ain’t No Stoppin’ featuring Merciless Stylz
05. Say My Name featuring Benjilino
06. My Nigga
07. Erotica featuring CSW
08. What’s Happenin’ featuring Jon Wells, Merciless Stylz and CSW
09. Get High featuring CSW
10. Pay Back
11. I Got The Beat
12. Fa-Sho featuring Rocswell
13. It Ain’t A Thang featuring Rodney
14. No Free Ride featuring CSW
15. Roll Wit’ Me featuring Famin, Big Luet, Merciless Stylz, Jon Wells and CSW
16. Crunk featuring Jon Wells
17. All About Me featuring K-Boogs, Young One, Famin, and Jon Wells

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