Kool Keith – Total Orgasm 6  (2021)
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:30 Jul 2021

Kool Keith – Total Orgasm 6 (2021)

Name: Kool Keith – Total Orgasm 6
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2021
Label: Junkadelic Music
Featuring: Prince Metropolis, Blizo, Sexx Pot, Yahzeed Divine, Big No Name, Emperor Middi, Big D, Ced Gee, King Cito, Sharkula
Producers: Kool Keith aka Number One Producer, Junkaz Lou, Triple Parked, TR Love, J-Stylez, Grizzly Beats & others
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 02:21:04
Size: 322 Mb


[31:46] 01. Part 1

La Première Fois
Fuck The Sneaker Hype
Collins feat. Prince Metropolis & Blizo
She Wanna Cream
Make it Work
Control Me (skit)
Face feat. Sexx Pot
Convertible feat. Yahzeed Divine

[31:01] 02. Part 2

Boulevard Squad
Come See Us on Greyhound feat. Big No Name
Snakes Wiggle
Boss feat. Prince Metropolis
Minks On feat. Emperor Middi & Big D
One Record
Cafe Song feat. Ced Gee, Emperor Middi & King Cito
Glossy Lips
Frankie Harris

[29:10] 03. Part 3

Atomic Orgasm
Breed You
Outer Space
Twinkle Toe RMX
Orgasm (skit)
Air Condition
Barnyard feat. Sharkula
Spunk feat. Prince Metropolis
Fool on the Corner feat. Big No Name

[33:47] 04. Part 4

Humiliation feat. Emperor Middi
Freaky Freaky
Clive Davis
A Double S
Lyrical Abusive feat. Yahzeed Divine
Rest in Peace Hip Hop
Bad Little Kitty
Purple Convertible (Rolls Royce)
Hot on the Mic feat. Yahzeed Divine

[15:17] 05. Part 5

That’s the Bad Guy
Bad Lil’ Boy
Label Selling Pussy
Scary feat. Emperor Middi
Mind Boggling feat. Emperor Middi
Close Encounter feat. Sharkula

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