Litefoot – Good Day To Die (1996)
  • Genre:hip-hop
  • Release date:21 Mar 2023

Litefoot – Good Day To Die (1996)

Name: Litefoot – Good Day To Die
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 1996
Label: Red Vinyl
Featuring: Kid Frost, O.G.Enius, A.L.T., Diane Gordon, Rich Garcia, Fredwreck, O.G.Enius, Klev, Foesum, Iesha Star & Haida
Producers: DJ Glaze, Frost, Klev & Tony G
Format: mp3 | 160 kbps
Duration: 00:50:37
Size: 60 Mb


01. Intro – Warriors Road
02. Willin’ 2 Die Featuring Kid Frost, O.G.Enius
03. Call Me Hostile Featuring A.L.T., Kid Frost
04. Don’t Take It Litely Featuring Diane Gordon
05. NDN Summer Featuring Diane Gordon, Rich Garcia, Fredwreck, O.G.Enius
06. Cruizin’ Round Featuring A.L.T., Rich Garcia
07. Cherokee Stomp
08. Tribalistic Funk Featuring A.L.T., Kid Frost, O.G.Enius, Klev
09. One Of The Chosen
10. On A Mission Featuring Kid Frost, O.G.Enius, Klev
11. Blue Sky Featuring Kid Frost
12. Gettin’ My Hustle On Featuring Rich Garcia, A.L.T., Foesum, O.G.Enius
13. My Land Featuring Rich Garcia
14. How We Must Be
15. For My People Haida, Iesha Star

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