Mood – Into The Mood (2015)
  • Genre:Underground Hip-Hop
  • Release date:18 Sep 2015

Mood – Into The Mood (2015)

Name: Mood – Into The Mood
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Effiscienz
Group Members: Donte & Main Flow
Featuring: DJ Djaz
Producers: DJ Brans, Mil
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 01:00:06
Size: 137 Mb
Description: Cincinnati’s legendary group is back! For this new project Mood is equipped by Mil’s production skills and of course the label is EFFISCIENZ. This choice makes a lot of sense as Mil’s beats perfectly fit Mood’s musical universe. He provides a neat musical backdrop that gives discretion to the two emcees to shine and develop their lyrics. Thoughtful texts, addictive flows, Donte & Main Flow, the two emcees of the group perfectly complement and deliver a consistent album that will please the fans of Ohio’s finest combo

[02:03] 01. Mood Is Back feat. DJ Djaz
[03:12] 02. The Maschine
[03:53] 03. Snakes And Vultures
[05:04] 04. N.E.W.S. (North East West South) feat. DJ Djaz
[02:16] 05. In Someone’s Skin
[03:33] 06. All Seeing feat. DJ Djaz
[04:34] 07. Illness
[01:51] 08. And After The End?
[03:30] 09. All Seeing feat. DJ Djaz (Mil Remix)
[02:51] 10. The Maschine (DJ Brans Remix)
[03:29] 11. The Maschine (Instrumental)
[03:52] 12. Snakes And Vultures (Instrumental)
[05:01] 13. N.E.W.S. (North East West South) (Instrumental)
[03:51] 14. All Seeing (Instrumental)
[04:46] 15. Illness (Instrumental)
[03:30] 16. All Seeing (Mil Remix Instrumental)
[02:48] 17. The Maschine (DJ Brans Remix Instrumental)

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