Mr. Green – Live From the Streets (2015)
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:01 Dec 2021

Mr. Green – Live From the Streets (2015)

Name: Mr. Green – Live From the Streets
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Live From The Streets Productions / Duck Down Music Inc.
Featuring: KRS One; Matisyahu; Pacewon; Vinnie Paz (of Jedi Mind Tricks + Army Of The Pharaohs); World’s Fair; Malik B. (of The Roots); Andrea M. Pacheco; Apollo The Great; Benefit; Bodega Bamz; Brenda; Chill Moody; Country; DeVah Quartet; Deniro Farrar; Don Felipe Cantando; Espiritu Andino; Freddie Gibbs; Hakim Green; Janice; KG; Kevin Brown; Khari Wendell Mcclelland; Kyon Williams; Lumin Hao; Mario Levis; Pitch Blak Brass Band; Raz Fresco; Rich Kidd; Skrewtape; Slaughter Rico; Sunwun; Tre Mission
Producer: Mr. Green
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:45:56
Size: 105 Mb


[03:28] 01. Man with a Broken Heart feat. Brenda & Malik B
[03:46] 02. If I Don’t Go To Hell feat. Janice, Pacewon & Vinnie Paz
[03:16] 03. Down in the Streets feat. Kevin Brown, Malik B & Sunwun
[02:09] 04. I Believe feat. Country, Pacewon & Skrewtape
[03:34] 05. Clap feat. Espiritu Andino, Freddie Gibbs, Chill Moody & Apollo the Great
[01:27] 06. East Coast Gas Station feat. Slaugher Rico
[02:50] 07. Human in Disguise feat. Matisyahu, Kyon Williams & Benefit
[01:37] 08. Cans feat. Don Felipe Cantando & Deniro Farrar
[02:30] 09. Play the Back feat. Pitch Blak Brass Band & Worlds Fair
[03:36] 10. Superpowers feat. Hakim Green, KRS-ONE & Mario Levis
[02:58] 11. Toronto feat. Rich Kidd, Tre Mission, DeVah Quartet & Khari Wendell Mcclelland
[03:35] 12. If I Don’t Go To Hell Remix feat. Janice, Benefit & Jus Allah
[03:56] 13. Born To Be King feat. KG
[01:46] 14. Step Into the Booth feat. Raz Fresco & Andrea M. Pacheco (Bonus Track)
[02:00] 15. New Jack City is Mine feat. Lumin Hao & Bodega Bamz (Bonus Track)
[03:20] 16. The Original feat. Benefit (Bonus Track)




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