Reel Wolf – Rabid Violence (2020)
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:01 Sep 2020

Reel Wolf – Rabid Violence (2020)

Name: Reel Wolf – Rabid Violence
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2020
Label: Reel Wolf Records
Featuring: Q-Unique, Lord Goat (Goretex), Ill Bill, Danny Diablo, Dominant Species, Recognize Ali, Ruste Juxx, K-Rino, Chino XL, DJ Chino420, Swann, Seen B, Resin, Mersinary, Donnie Menace, Kid Fade, J Reno, DJ Eclipse, Plasma XL, Aspects, Bertrand the Visionary, Raw B Snatch, Stacee Brizzle, Phil Bousk
Producers: Cotardz, Swann, Rob the Viking, Sentury Status, Dominant Species, Frizz, Hueco Prods, BreakBeat Studio, Veeko Caine
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:46:51
Size: 107 Mb

[01:24] 01. Prelude to Violence (Intro) feat. DJ Chino420
[04:28] 02. Carnage feat. Swann, Seen B, Resin & Mersinary
[02:08] 03. Grey Matter feat. Donnie Menace & Kid Fade
[03:01] 04. Brain Storm feat. J Reno, Q-Unique & Mersinary
[04:44] 05. The Wolfpack feat. Swann, J Reno, Seen B, Resin, Mersinary, Raw B Snatch & Stacee Brizzle
[03:35] 06. Morbid Hallucinations feat. Lord Goat, Ill Bill, Danny Diablo & Dominant Species
[00:50] 07. Message from the Crypt (Interlude)
[03:58] 08. Toonz feat. Swann, Seen B, Resin & Mersinary
[04:12] 09. Frostbite feat. Swann, Recognize Ali, Ruste Juxx & Mersinary
[04:38] 10. Kingslayer feat. Ill Bill, K-Rino, Chino XL & DJ Eclipse
[02:48] 11. Platinum Filth feat. Kid Fade & Seen B
[02:47] 12. Pandæmonium feat. Swann, Plasma XL & Aspects
[01:15] 13. The Aftermath (Outro)
[04:27] 14. The French Connection feat. Swann, Bertrand the Visionary, Resin, Phil Bousk & Mersinary
[02:29] 15. Grey Matter (Darkest Night Remix) feat. Donnie Menace & Kid Fade

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