Spit Gemz – Godly Features (2015)
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:14 Apr 2015

Spit Gemz – Godly Features (2015)

Name: Spit Gemz – Godly Features
Genre: Underground Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Broken Home
Featuring: Kool G Rap, Tragedy Khadafi, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Royal Flush, CF (Constant Flow), Starvin B, St. Ivan the Terrible, Aylo, Aye Wun, Eff Yoo, G.S. Advance, Mitchell Aimss
Producers: Kyo Itachi, Junior Makhno, Bazooka Joe, G.S. Advance, Aye Wun, Petey Punch, Tony Tunes, Organik Poisons, Skammadix
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:51:34
Size: 127 Mb

[03:08] 01. Common Knowledge (prod. Aye Wun)
[03:10] 02. A Life Parasitic feat. Starvin B (prod. Skammadix)
[03:38] 03. Night Vipers feat. Mitchell Aimss, Blacastan, G.S. Advance (prod. G.S. Advance)
[03:05] 04. Bazooka Pimp feat. Tragedy Khadafi (prod. G.S. Advance)
[03:18] 05. Bring Forth Spirits feat. Eff Yoo, G.S. Advance (prod. Organik Poisons)
[02:17] 06. Musical Monkey (prod. Aye Wun)
[02:46] 07. Legacy feat. Kool G Rap (prod. Jordy Simons, Cuts by DJ Akil)
[02:46] 08. Blizzards Invite feat. CF (Constant Flow) (prod. Tony Tunes)
[02:08] 09. Champion Gear (prod. Aye Wun)
[02:58] 10. News At 11 feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq (prod. Bazooka Joe, Cuts by DJ Akil)
[01:53] 11. Al Swearengemz (prod. Junior Makhno)
[03:02] 12. Prayers & Alchemy feat. St. Ivan the Terrible (prod. St. Ivan)
[02:43] 13. Escape From 114th feat. Aylo (prod. Tre Eiht)
[02:53] 14. The Happening feat. Mitchell Aimss, Chris Carbene (prod. Petey Punch)
[03:38] 15. Brooklyn Ice feat. Aye Wun (prod. G.S. Advance)
[03:24] 16. Medicaid Benefits feat. Starvin B, Royal Flush (prod. Kyo Itachi)
[04:35] 17. Electric Food feat. Mitchell Aimss (prod. DJ Karpenter)
[04:16] 18. Authorized (prod. JM Productions)

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