Thi’sl – Heavy Is The Head (2015)
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:14 Aug 2015

Thi’sl – Heavy Is The Head (2015)

Name: Thisl – Heavy Is The Head
Genre: Rap | Hip-Hop
Year: 2015
Label: Full Ride Music Group
Featuring: Scarface, Dee 1, Bhird Kobain, Theresa Payne, Ashthon Jones, Tolu, Courtney Orlando, Aloha Mi Sho, Jai
Producers: DHood, Mr. Incredible, Honorable C Note, Geeda, Tone Jonez, Dflow, Courtney Orlando, Dj Official
Format: mp3 | 320 kbps
Duration: 00:46:03
Size: 98 Mb


01.Thi’sl – Honorable CNote Speaks (0:31)
02.Thi’sl – The Come Up [Prod. By DHood] (3:16)
03.Thi’sl – The Delay [Prod. By Mr. InKredible] (3:02)
04.Thi’sl – Flex (Drop 40) (Feat. Dee 1) [Prod. By Honorable C Note] (2:16)
05.Thi’sl – Cadillac Riding (Feat. Bhird Kobain) [Prod. By DHood] (3:56)
06.Thi’sl – Pull Up (Beating) [Prod. By Geeda] (3:53)
07.Thi’sl – It’s All Good (Feat. Ashthon Jones) [Prod. By Tone Jonez] (3:43)
08.Thi’sl – What Are We Fighting For (Feat. Tolu) [Prod. By DFlow] (3:27)
09.Thi’sl – Brother (Performed by Courtney Orlando) [Prod. By Courtney Orlando] (4:49)
10.Thi’sl – Lean On Me (Feat. Courtney Orlando) [Prod. By Courtney Orlando] (4:07)
11.Thi’sl – Jay and Bey (Feat. Aloha Mi Sho) [Prod. By Mr. InKredible] (3:48)
12.Thi’sl – Straight Out The Trap (Interlude) (0:28)
13.Thi’sl – Straight Out The Trap (Dopeman Remix) [Prod. By DJ Official] (3:21)
14.Thi’sl – Lord Help Me [Prod. By Bag$ For Honorable Court] (3:12)
15.Thi’sl – Yesterday (Feat. Theresa Payne & Scarface) [Prod. By Tone Jonez] (4:35)
16.Thi’sl – Jesus Wept (Feat. Jai) [Prod. By Tonez Jonez] (3:40)
17.Thi’sl – We Here [Prod. By DFlow] (4:52)

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