Method Man On Wu-Tang Clan: “We Needed A Jokester”

Method Man On Wu-Tang Clan: “We Needed A Jokester”


July 15th, 2015


Method Man On Wu-Tang Clan: "We Needed A Jokester"

But it was How High, the Staten Island, New York rapper’s 2001 collaboration with Redman, that showcased his range as an actor. 

“For me, the comedy shit didn’t really start until I hooked up with Redman,” Method Man says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Even with the music because [Redman and I had] a bit more fun with it than I did with Wu-Tang. My preference personally is serious when it comes to music. But I’ve always had a joking side. Being in a group like Wu-Tang we needed that jokester every now and then because some of them dudes a little bit too uptight and they need a laugh sometimes. Some of them need a hug.”

In Trainwreck, a comedy written by and starring Amy Schumer, Method Man portrays Temembe, an orderly who had been a doctor in his native land and who cares for the father of Schumer’s character.

Method Man says that laughter is necessary, which is one of the reasons he enjoys portraying comedic roles. 

“My day ain’t complete unless I laugh,” he says. “I like to have fun. I don’t treat everything like an emo kid. You know, like, ‘Everything sucks?’ ‘Everything is funny.’ Fuck that. Let’s have that attitude. I would love to do more drama, but I think people tend to book me for more comedy because my track record shows that I can do comedy.”

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