Too $hort Opts For Jail Time Over Probation

Too $hort Opts For Jail Time Over Probation


July 16th, 2015


Too $hort fails to complete community service required for past plea deal.

Los Angeles, California rapper Too $hort will serve three months in jail following his recent appearance in front of a judge.

TMZ reports that as part of a past plea deal, which stemmed from a DUI arrest in 2013, Too $hort was to complete community service and spend three years on probation.

Too $hort Opts For Jail Time Over Probation

The judge in the matter ruled that the musician did not complete his community service. In order to avoid jail time, Too $hort was then offered the opportunity to complete his community service if he spent an added three years on probation.

He instead opted for the 90-day jail sentence. According to TMZ, Too $hort could spend less than three months in jail.

“…He’s now in the first day of a 90-day sentence. The reality, though … because of overcrowding, he’ll probably be a free man soon,” TMZ reports.

Too $hort’s DUI arrest took place in March of 2013 after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Upon being pulled over by police officers, he attempted to run away, but was eventually caught seconds later by authorities. The entire ordeal was caught on videotape.

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