Lupe Fiasco made his triumphant return on June 24 with his latest album Drill Music In Zion. Although the veteran rapper aimed to complete the 10-track project in 24 hours, it wound up taking three days, a feat by any standards.

On Tuesday (June 28), Lupe Fiasco revealed additional details about the recording of the album via Twitter, explaining it was recorded on GarageBand with a $100 USB microphone. As he tweeted, “I ‘wrote’ (I actually didn’t write it more like spoke it) & self-recorded ‘Drill Music In Zion’ from scratch over the course of 72 hours, give or take some hours, only stopping to eat and sleep, entirely on GarageBand with a $100 USB microphone in my living room.”

Drill Music In Zion served as Lupe Fiasco’s eighth studio album and follow-up to 2018’s Drogas Wave. The rollout kicked off in May with the lead single “AUTOBOTO.” The 40-year-old MC described the place he was in when he wrote it in a press release.

“Your whole life you’re physically growing, and as an artist, I feel like I’m taller now,” he said. “Not that I’m at a higher place of morality, it’s that my vantage point and perspective is higher. I can see further.”

The album was produced entirely by Lupe Fiasco’s longtime collaborator Soundtrakk, the Chicago producer behind several of his classics, including “Kick, Push,” “Superstar” and “Hip Hop Saved My Life.”