The D.O.C. Explains Why Biggie Is His #1 MC: ‘He Was So F-ckin Humble’

The D.O.C. Explains Why Biggie Is His #1 MC: ‘He Was So F-ckin Humble’


May 17th, 2023


The D.O.C. is a talented lyricist who has been around a lot of dope emcees in his time, but he rates Biggie as the best to ever do it.

In a new interview with Ambrosia For Head‘s What’s The Headline podcast, the N.W.A rapper explained that though he rates the late Biggie as number one – he initially was upset when he first heard him.

“I got mad at Biggie Smalls ’cause I could hear where I was gonna go,” The D.O.C. began. “When he first came [out], I could hear where I wanted to go, and couldn’t do it. So it made me be angry with him—before I met him.”

He continued: “But when I met him, he was such a genuine dude. He asked me to take a picture with him, and he was so fuckin’ humble. And I was like, how can you hate a dude like that? Ever since then, he’s been my No. 1, really. We were in Chicago at something. It was Saafir, and Craig Mack, and Smalls, and myself. And he was just a cool dude, man.”

Check out the full conversation below.

Meanwhile, another legend – Dr. Dre – credits The D.O.C. for convincing him to rap on his multiplatinum 1992 solo debut, The Chronic.

In a 2022 interview, the Beats mogul casually mentioned how he originally didn’t plan on rapping on the project at all. Obviously, plans changed and he wound up lending his voice to now-classic singles such as “Nuthin’ But A G Thang” and “Let Me Ride.”

“The D.O.C., my friend, talked me into to getting on the mic and actually doing that thing,” Dre said on the Workout The Doubt with Dolvett Quince podcast. “Before that, I wasn’t going to get on the mic. I was just going to lay back and produce, which was the idea of The Chronic album, my first solo album. That’s what I wanted to do.”


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