Paris Recalls Writing Public Enemy’s “Rebirth Of A Nation”

Paris Recalls Writing Public Enemy’s “Rebirth Of A Nation”


October 25th, 2015


Paris also talks about Public Enemy’s influence on Hip Hop.

Paris has been a conscious voice in Hip Hop for many years and has written for numerous artists during his time in the game.

Recently sitting down with AllHipHop, the California emcee described writing for Public Enemy on Rebirth of a Nation and the affect it had on his career.

“That was one of those things that was on my musical bucket list,” he said when asked about ghostwriting. “I got hella stripes in the game, I sold out a record. I’m now doing things I want to do. Only working with people I respect.”

Paris also talked Public Enemy’s influence while he was in college.

“Public Enemy really shaped my music outlook from when I was in college,” he explained. “I slapped Public Enemy on the daily, probably you too. Everybody did.”

Watch the full interview segment below:

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