Diddy Fired Gun Not Shyne, Claims 1999 Shooting Victim: ‘He Paid Off The Club’

Diddy Fired Gun Not Shyne, Claims 1999 Shooting Victim: ‘He Paid Off The Club’


March 1st, 2024


Diddy has been accused of paying off the nightclub that was the scene of a shooting back in 1999 which left former Bad Boy artist Shyne incarcerated for decades.

Natalia Reuben, the woman who was shot in Club New York on December 27, 1999, took to her social media pages on Wednesday (February 28) to point the finger squarely at the embattled mogul.

“Let me tell you why that is of utmost importance to me,” she began, referring to Diddy’s myriad legal issues. “Because I am the woman he shot in the face in that December 27, 1999 Club New York shooting. I have told everyone ad nauseam since then, even the surgeon who did the surgery to take the bullet, I got shot in my face with a 9 mm hollow-point bullet called a cop killer.”

“I literally told everyone and never changed what I said. I watched him, I got [shot] in the face, I watched him fire the gun. I’ve said it all this time. Even the surgeon who did my surgery testified in the criminal trial that while they were putting me under [anesthesia].”

She continued: “I was screaming, ‘Puffy [shot] me in the face.’… Everybody knew he did it, but he paid off the club bouncer and all these other people to hide the video. That’s his MO.”

Reuben, who received nearly $2 million in a settlement at the time from Diddy, also accused the mogul of attempting to flatten her car as a means of intimidation — echoing a claim first made by Kid Cudi.

Back in 2020, Shyne sat down for a conversation with Fat Joe and told a different story than the one Reuben is telling.

“What was happening for me in my life in my time was a miracle, cause that incident in Club New York almost ended my career,” he said. “All I used to pray for, I know I defended myself … I defended my friends.

“I was in fear for my life. Scar who was the instigator … I know Scar from Brooklyn. Those are my guys. I didn’t have a problem with him; that wasn’t my beef. That was Puff’s issue. They had a problem with Puff for whatever reason. Scar, Nino and the entire Brooklyn crowd was in Club New York.”

He continued: “I seen them, it was all love but when they started arguing with Puff … I know what these Brooklyn guys are capable of. I know what Scar is capable of. I know what Nino is capable of. I know what happens once these arguments start. Once they start, it becomes a problem — a serious problem. Once he starts talking crazy, yeah, I became afraid for my life.

“Once he says it’s about to happen then it’s about to happen,” he concluded. “I seen somebody reach for a gun and I reached for my weapon and I defended my friends and myself. Cause once he starts firing, once whoever else pulls out a gun and starts firing, it doesn’t stop there.”


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