KRS-One Calls LL Cool J “Wack”, BDP Rapper Apologizes

KRS-One Calls LL Cool J “Wack”, BDP Rapper Apologizes


November 26th, 2015


“I got not beef with you,” KRS-One says.

KRS-One dissed LL Cool J while battling a fan at a concert in Pittsburgh on Saturday (November 21), according to Ambrosia for Heads. He said the fan, is wearing a bucket hat, was “trying to be on LL’s dick and LL’s wack.”

At another event on Monday (November 23) at S.O.B.’s in Manhattan, New York, the Boogie Down Productions (BDP) rapper issued an apology to LL Cool J, Ambrosia for Heads says in another article.

“I’m about to ask for forgiveness / I fucked up with my lyrical physical fitness / I want y’all to see this, heaven or hell / I did a rhyme, and I dissed LL / Now some of y’all might know this / I did it in Pittsburgh, the other day, with Chris / I was battlin’ this dude, / Tryin’ to get in my face, I ate him like food / But check it out / What I said with no doubt / I was off the top, like how I am now / He was dressin’ like LL, like ‘Wow’ / So as I was dissin’ him, it came out my mind / I really didn’t want to say it, but I said it / The YouTube caught it, now they playin’ it / Why am I shorted? / Because I feel bad / See, LL Cool J, he’s like my real dad,” KRS-One raps.

After drawing an “aw” from the crowd, the rapper continues his rhymes.

“He’s like my real dad / 1984, my dude made ‘Bad’ / Not that, it was ‘I Need A Beat’ / In 1994, that shit was the street / I wanna say this now, to LL Cool J / I got not beef with you or your DJ / I was battlin’ another kid and I slipped / I’ma do it live like this, off the lip / I’m askin’ for the forgiveness, at S.O.B.’s / ‘Cause I’m a real emcee, you know me / I would never, ever pull my weapon / And try to disrespect another legend / No, that’s not how I roll / But when dudes wanna battle me, I roll / And when shit goes off the top of the head / Sometimes a rapper on the side, BOW get dead,” he finishes.

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