Ice Cube Was Once Worried About Eazy-E Stealing From Him, According To Jerry Heller

Ice Cube Was Once Worried About Eazy-E Stealing From Him, According To Jerry Heller


December 18th, 2015


Jerry Heller recalls Eazy-E paying $750 to set up a meeting with him.

Jerry Heller says Ice Cube was worried about Eazy-E and Alonzo Williams stealing from him.

Former N.W.A manager, Jerry Heller offered his thoughts on Ice Cube, and detailed the exact moment he met the late Eazy-E, while taking part in an interview with #WKND and Eazy’s daughter, Erin Wright.

According to Heller, the World Class Wreckin’ Cru’s Alonzo Williams set up the meeting between the two. He explained that Eazy-E offered Williams $750 if he could set up the meeting.

“I put it off and put it off,” Jerry Heller said in regards to his meeting with Eazy-E. “And finally Alonzo said to me ‘You know, you gotta meet this guy. And he offered me $750 to meet you. And I could use the money.’ I agreed to meet him at Macola, which was the pressing plant. And he pulled up with his friend MC Ren. And he got out of his Suzuki Samurai, which was all tricked out. And he reached out of his sock and he paid Alonzo the $750 off this roll of hundred dollar bills that he had. And I said to him ‘Do you have anything for me to hear?’

“And in the music business, which is basically a bullshit business, guys will tell you about all these things that they got…It’s all about what they got,” he added. “And here’s a guy that met me. That paid $750 to meet me. That when I asked him if he had some music for me to play, all he said was ‘yes’…He was willing to let his accomplishments speak for themselves.”

Heller, who says he made a deal with Eazy-E on the spot, revealed that he was never intimidated by the Compton rapper’s lifestyle given that he grew up around gangsters.

“I grew up in Cleveland on the same block that Bone thugs-n-harmony grew up in,” he said. “So, I grew up with gangsters. I knew guys that carried guns when they were 11-years-old. So, to me it wasn’t the fact of getting involved with a gangster because Eazy was very business-like. And very together. It was more being able to relate to the music that he was playing me. And the minute he played it, I knew it was important music. So, my job became how to market that music and get it to the rest of the world.”

Later in the interview, Heller offered his thoughts on Ice Cube, stating that the rapper was never content with anything.

“Ice Cube was a guy that was always not content with anything that happened,” Heller said. “He used to complain to me that Alonzo was stealing from him. And then he complained to Brian Turner that Jerry Heller and Eazy-E were stealing from him.”


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