Master P Warns Against Social Media

Master P Warns Against Social Media


December 19th, 2015


Master P details the importance of authenticity in the Rap industry.

Master P made a name for himself as a rapper and businessman through No Limit Records, which was a major presence in the industry throughout the 1990s. In a recent interview with Complex posted on his No Limit YouTube page, Master P discusses the importance of authenticity in the Rap business.

“A lot of guys they say they come from the streets, they made all this money on the streets,” he says. “If you got real money, then what are you looking for a record deal for? You talking on thse songs, ‘I’m the biggest dope dealer, I took over my hood,’ but now you’re looking for a record deal, it makes no sense.”

Master P says that the Internet has affected the way artists portray themselves instead of focusing on the music.

“I think this generation should stop being fraud to if you’re not really living like that, talk about how you’re living,” he says. “Talk about the struggle. I think if this generation start being more real and stop getting caught up in the social media gimmicks, you would really be able to see the talent now.”


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