Action Bronson Remembers Michael Jordan Playing Him Like A Chump

Action Bronson Remembers Michael Jordan Playing Him Like A Chump


May 17th, 2016


Yet another rapper has come forward with an unfavorable Michael Jordan story, furthering the longstanding belief that His Airness has a personal vendetta against Hip Hop in general.

Action Bronson recently stepped out with Complex’s Director of Content Strategy, Joe La Puma, for a sneaker shopping escapade but when it came time to peruse through the Air Jordan section, Mr. Wonderful immediately hit the pause button.

“Nah, let’s stay away from there,” Bronsolino said before adamantly stating “I don’t do [those kicks.]” Nevertheless, Puma convinced Action to air his grievances next to the Jumpman logo and the revelation was made.

It dates back to when the Queens lyricist met Jordan in the flesh.

“I have a personal issue with Mike,” he began. “We didn’t hit it off when we met. He looked at me as probably a little shit, and like he’s seven feet. He could dunk on me and put his nuts on my head. So he could care less about me. We just didn’t hit it off.”

The Jordan encounter, along with being a diehard Knicks fan, made Bronson take a step back and analyze the craftsmanship found on Hip Hop’s #1 shoe of all time.

“Nowadays, this has become the go-to shoe for every human being and I just can’t do it. I don’t like the quality of them. I don’t like the look of them anymore. Something changed about it. The nostalgia isn’t there for me anymore. It became more of a circus shoe, in my opinion.”

He went on to promise he’ll never be spotted in a Jordan shoe again (despite owning the Shady x Carhartt collaboration) and champion his love for New Balances.

Watch Bronson’s Complex Sneaker Shopping video below. They say the best way to keep your idols is to never meet them.

Source: http://hiphopdx.com/

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