The Game is calling for all gang members to meet him, Snoop Dogg and Minister Louis Farrakhan to have an open discussion about the state of the streets today.

The Compton, California rapper made the announcement on Instagram today for a town hall meeting called “Time To Unite: United Hoods + Gangs Nation,” which is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. PST Sunday (July 17)  on Vermont Street in Los Angeles.

The Game, who is a Blood affiliate, is combining forces with Snoop Dogg, who has ties to the rival Crips. The Game makes it clear in his post that all gangs and sets from all neighborhoods are welcome and urges men from these communities to come together “to have the much needed conversation amongst ourselves about our influence on the youth in our respective neighborhoods & how we can serve as better role models to them & the brothers we stand beside daily.”

The call that Black Lives Matter has been strong recently, as the deaths of two Black men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, at the hands of police, dominate headlines.

The Game says that as the Black community fights for equality in the United States, it must be aware of and trying to solve problems internally.

“The sad truth that no one wants to face is, before we can get OUR LIVES TO MATTER to anyone else… ” he says. “We have to show that OUR LIVES MATTER to US !!!! WE have been responsible for more of the KILLING of ourselves than anyone else by a long shot & the percentages in which BLACK on BLACK, BLACK on BROWN, BROWN on BLACK, BROWN on BROWN murders are so fucking high verses any other killing of us that it is disgusting & this needs to be addressed & laid to rest !!!!! Don’t think we can’t change it & better ourselves, lead by example & make our city a safer place for our children.”

He also requests for all weapons and illegal substances to be left at home and says that people who come seeking to cause trouble will be kicked out of the venue.

The event is sponsored by H.U.N.T., the same movement that The Game and Snoop Dogg backed when they led a peaceful rally to meet with the LAPD last week.

The Game’s son, Harlem Taylor, also took action with the news of the recent events and raised more than $50,000 for Arkansas police officer Tommy Norland, who is active in serving the Black community. The rapper emphasized that there is a difference in good cops and bad cops and donated the first $1,000 to show his support.

View the announcement for The Game and Snoop Dogg’s town hall with Minister Louis Farrakhan below: