The conspiracy of the existence of a secret organization known as The Illuminati has captured the attention of Hip Hop fans for years. But it’s all a sham, according to Cold 187um (a.k.a Big Hutch).

While speaking with Unique Access Ent., the former Above The Law rhymer explained why he believes The Illuminati is nothing more than a myth. He revealed that his own career in the music industry, which he says has been a lengthy and successful one, serves as proof that The Illuminati does not exist.

“The myth to me is in order for you to be successful in the entertainment business, you have to be a part of The Illuminati,” Cold 187um said. “The reason why I don’t believe it is because one, I’ve been highly successful for a whole lot of years in entertainment. And I have no ties to The Illuminati. Another point is that I have had two number one records and a whole bunch of platinum records on my wall. And I’ve never even heard of Illuminati back then.”

As an artist who was present in the West Coast when the likes of Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E were making headway in their careers, Cold 187um says there was never any chatter of The Illuminati.

He goes on to break down why the myth of such an organization is disrespectful to successful artists.

“I’ve been around a whole bunch of successful people [and] there’s never been an issue around me,” he said. “From N.W.A to Tupac. And I’m not saying that it don’t exist. I’m just saying you don’t have to be a part of it to be successful. That’s the myth to me…I was around Ruthless Records before it really blew up into what it was. Up to the point where I’ve never seen Eazy-E do anything, but bust his ass to make a hit label. Make it happen. I never got pulled to the side and said ‘Aye, you gotta go over to room three and talk to the man in the black coat to be successful.’

“To me, those were things that people got into to make it be more entertaining to you as the people who were consuming our records…What I experienced is a lot of artists busting they ass to be successful,” Cold 187um added. “And I think that’s really wrong for people to believe it if they don’t have the proper research.”

Video of Cold 187um speaking on The Illuminati is below.