Reported dog lover DMX might want to rethink his breakout debut single “Get At Me Dog” after it was put out by a dog boarding facility that the veteran rapper abandoned his pet there. The Rhode Island boarding house says that the X Man hasn’t paid a bill since October after leaving his pit bull puppy at the facility in August.

The Four Paws Pet Resort has been caring for the pit bull named “X,” but says his owner has been missing in action. The facility has been boarding little X for around six months, where DMX left the dog before heading out on tour for the summer. But now, it looks like X was prepared to give up his puppy for adoption but didn’t follow through, reports local outlet WLNE.

Chad Callahan, the owner of Four Paw Pets, said he spoke with DMX about signing over ownership of the dog so that adoption procedures could get underway. However, Callahan says there hasn’t been any further communication since that initial phone meeting about the matter.

“Bully breeds don’t fair very well in shelters,” Callahan told WLNE. “They try their best but staff often get overwhelmed with them and a lot of them get euthanized. He’s such a nice sweet dog and he doesn’t deserve that so we’re just trying to do our part.”

DMX has faced animal cruelty charges in times past, but this dog has shown no signs of abuse.

The rapper has yet to make a public statement about the abandonment accusation.