Last week on #DXLive, New Orleans MC Dee-1 sat in as our special guest judge for our weekly #LitnessTest. In addition to some valuable insight from someone that went from being a teacher to a full-fledged professional rapper, David Augustine also gave us (and the viewers) some insight on what to expect from his forthcoming album Slingshot David, including the new release date.

“I got a tentative release date, May 12,” Dee-1 told Trent, Jake and Marcel at DX Headquarters in Los Angeles. “It’s a powerful story. I’m telling my life story in a way that I’m humanizing myself. I’m telling my story starting from middle school all the way up until today. It’s a concept album. It’s full of these interludes. The goal is for everybody to see by the end of the album, we all have a little David in us, David meaning that brave warrior that’s willing to fight any Goliath.”

Dee-1 has always been a man of the people, which was highlighted last year when he dropped the hit single “Sallie Mae Back.” (Premiered by HipHopDX back in February 2016). This time around he hopes to give fans a winning attitude to overcome their own personal challenges. “Whatever obstacles are in your life, you got that David and you gotta figure out how to tap into it,” Dee-1 noted. “And the slingshot, we all have a slingshot too. That’s our gift that we were given to be able to conquer whatever we’re going through. My slingshot is my microphone.”

One of the great benefactors in the spiritual rapper’s journey has been fellow 504 native Mannie Fresh. Mannie, who recently talked about meeting Dr. Dre for the first time in HipHopDX’s exclusive interview, took Dee-1 to meet Dr. Dre at Patchwork Studio in Atlanta where the MC found himself just moments away from getting to play his music for Dr. Dre when T.I. unknowingly intercepted his big moment.

“I was in the studio with Dr. Dre, T.I. and Mannie Fresh. Craziest story of my whole career. I can’t even tell you on camera,” Dee recalled. “Mannie told me how the whole night was gonna play out. It was Dr. Dre in the studio, it was Mannie, it was myself. As soon as T.I. came to the studio Mannie was like ‘I know how this night is gonna play out,’ cause he knows T.I. Him and T.I. real cool and sure enough everything Mannie told me about how the night was gonna play out it happened exactly like that!”

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Dee-1 continued: “I actually wrote for Dr. Dre. I can honestly say that,” Dee exclaimed. “I penned some bars for him. I got to spit ‘em for him and then right when Dre was really rockin’ with my energy and my whole vibe, he was asking Mannie like ‘That’s your dude?’ and Mannie was like ‘Yeah, that’s little bro.’ “T.I. came and unbeknownst to T.I. he just stole all my thunder cause when he came in the studio and Dre saw him – and T.I. came with like 25 songs on deck, ready to play them for Dr. Dre and I literally was holding the aux chord, Dre was interested in hearing my stuff.”

During the interview, Dee-1 flirted with the idea of moving to Los Angeles so maybe he’ll get another chance of working with The Good Doctor.