Ghoast – Hip-Hop artist from London, UK (Bio, Singles, Videos)

Ghoast – Hip-Hop artist from London, UK (Bio, Singles, Videos)


March 31st, 2017


Ghoast is a rapper, singer and producer based in London UK infulenced by many different genres and sounds capturing a new generation of rap music with no boundaries.

Ghoast was born in Dundee and raised by his mother along with his older brother, his father committed suicide when he was just 4 years old and his mother was addicted to heroin thoughout his child hood. Ghoast was kicked out of high school when he was 15 and was imprisoned for attempted murder at the age of 16.  Around this time he became obsessed with rap music as it was his only escape from his surroundings and  pretty soon he began to write his own.

When ghoast was 18 he realized his life was going nowhere and decided to move to London alone leaving his home behind and began living in Streatham, South London where he recorded his first mixtape titled Ghospell. At this point he still hadn’t created his own sound but there was potential.

The next year he released The Degenerate EP which was the beginning of Ghoast crafting his own unique style and musical direction but also at this time Ghoast became frustrated with  working a 9-5 just to afford rent and studio costs and still not seeing the results he hoped for.

At this point Ghoast decided he would quit his job and begin to record and produce his own music and travel back home where he would record his first full length mixtape YOUTHORIA which was where he began to develop a following on soundcloud.
Ghoasts next project is titled Burn Your Idols and is a continuation of his unique dark and melodic sound combing abrasive trap with catchy pop rap. The title represents a lack of respect for previous generations of musicians and fans who refuse to give credit to the new generation of artists pushing culture forward. It is also a statement of defining your own self worth and aspirations instead of worshiping others.

The release of Burn Your Idols is unconventional in the sense that it is every track is being released as a single one at a time instead of all 12 tracks at once and then compiling it all into a project when the final single is released.

All I know is the next single:


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