Treach Refutes Claim That Hit-Makers Can’t Battle Rap

Treach Refutes Claim That Hit-Makers Can’t Battle Rap


September 20th, 2015


The Naughty By Nature emcee also makes his predictions on the bout.

It has been a longtime claim by those who make hit records that battle rappers can’t do the same thing they do. The reverse is also true and now, we may be to see if at least one of those claims becomes more false than true.

Recently sitting down with AllHipHop prior to Keith Murray and Fredro Starr’s battle at MC WAR’s “Generation X” event, Treach weighed in and claimed that hit-makers have the same wherewithal to battle as successfully as those who fight with rhymes exclusively.

“Usually they say battle emcees can’t make hit records. Now we’re gonna show how those emcees that made hit records can battle,” Treach explained. “My prediction is, who going to win this battle, whoever got the hottest lyrics.”

The Naughty By Nature emcee also compared battles in person to ones on records. He also says the event will be good for Hip Hop.

“Now it’s like it’s so much at times rappers get into battles on records and everything else if they run into each other it may be a problem,” he said. “But this type of stage when they come into do that, I think it’s opening doors.”

The forthcoming MC WAR event is slated to take place at Brooklyn’s Milk River on October 4. Those interested in purchasing tickets to the live event can find them at mcwars.com.

Watch the full video segment below:


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