Jeezy Announces Title Of Forthcoming Album

Jeezy Announces Title Of Forthcoming Album


September 21st, 2015


Jeezy’s forthcoming album will be called Church In These Streets, according to Complex.

The website premiered the single “Church In These Streets,” produced by Zaytoven, and said that it is the title track for the project.

On Sundays leading up to the scheduled November 13 release of the album, the Atlanta rapper will be hosting the “Sunday Service” series where he will release music and videos and share commentary on current events.

Jeezy released the single “God” last month when he announced the album.

(The original article in this post was published August 31, 2015 and is as follows.)

Jeezy promised a special announcement this weekend on Instagram. The announcement came today (August 31) in the form of a letter posted on Twitter.

After explaining what the cat and cross imagery from his Instagram posts represent, the Atlanta rapper details his personal journey.

“I’m just a Black man that came from nothing who was never given anything and for that matter, never asked for anything,” Jeezy writes. “But I was willing to sacrifice my freedom and my livelihood for my beliefs. And that act alone it what’s makes us GODS…. This is coming from a place of passion and not ignorance. To Be Continued… Friday, November 13th.”

He signs the letter as “Paster Young.”

DJ Folk, a friend of Jeezy’s, confirmed on his own Twitter page that November 13 is the release date for the rapper’s forthcoming album.

Jeezy then announced the first single, “God” will be released today (August 31).

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