“DPG 4 Life” Film Faces Legal Saga

“DPG 4 Life” Film Faces Legal Saga


October 11th, 2015


“We got a cast and we have the full project in motion it’s just that right now I’m fighting a war with eOne, Sony BMG,” Daz Dillinger says.

Daz Dillinger says the DPG 4 Life film has been delayed due to financial demands from record companies.

“We got a cast and we have the full project in motion it’s just that right now I’m fighting a war with eOne and Sony BMG,” Dillinger tells TMZ on Friday (October 9).

Dillinger, who worked with Suge Knight’s Death Row before forming Tha Dogg Pound, told reporters that a publishing dispute is threatening the film.

“Because you know I own my publishing, I’ve been getting paid all this time and then they trying to come with some phony letter talking ‘bout I sold my rights,” Dillinger says. They tryna push me out because I got the rights to my music, you know what I’m saying. Now all of a sudden eOne get it and say stop my payments and say this and this…I’ma see y’all in court .”

Death Row’s catalog was sold to eOne in 2013. Straightening out the rights to the music in the film is a crucial step in the development of the project. Dillinger believes that the record companies are being deceitful.

“You’re a mutherfucker lying with my money and I’m taking control of the publishing,” Dillinger says. “That’s what I’m fighting for and then the movie will be complete.”

The film, which is not a sequel to the box office hit Straight Outta Compton, released a cast list in September. The movie is slated to feature Azad Arnaud as Daz Dillinger, Reggie Noble (not the rapper also known as Redman) as Suge Knight, Melvin Jackson Jr. as Kurupt, DaDa as Tupac and Curtis Young will portray his father, Dr. Dre.

In a July interview, Dillinger explains where the Dogg Pound film fits into the current saga of Rap history.

“I was talking to Ice Cube and he was telling me about the N.W.A movie,” Daz Dillinger says to VladTV. “He was like, ‘When Eazy [E] dies, that leaves it open up for part two.’ And that’s where we come in. Because when Eazy dies, it was us. We gon’ make our own [film] called ‘DPG For Life.’ Because when Eazy died, Suge Knight and them still around, Dr. Dre, and the story from there, what happens after that? We up next in there, we just putting it together.”

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