Saigon Says He Wishes His Likeness On “Love & Hip Hop” Would “Go Off The Air”

Saigon Says He Wishes His Likeness On “Love & Hip Hop” Would “Go Off The Air”


November 8th, 2015


Saigon also calls some rappers “cowards” for not appearing on certain records of his.

Saigon has been a staple for more conscious Hip Hop in New York for quite some time and he has never been afraid to share his opinion about anything.

Recently sitting down with DoggieDiamondsTV in the second part of their interview, he explained why he’s ready for Love & Hip Hop to be over.

“I’m ready for that shit to go off the air all together, man,” he said when asked about the show. “It’s funny because, and I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite ’cause… My thing is I’ll try anything once if I think I can make it make sense. I thought that was the perfect demographic for my situation because there’s so many single mothers that watch that show who can’t even get they baby father on the phone. I figured I could show them an alternative like, ‘Yo, just because y’all don’t get along that has nothing to do with that baby. That baby should grow up with love surrounded by both parents.”

Saigon also talked about what he believes is self-destruction in Hip Hop. He details trying to lead a movement in making more positive music but a majority of rappers were too scared to be featured on it.

“I tried that. Niggas shunned away from me,” he explained. “I sent emails out [like], “Yo, [hop on this record].” Nobody wants to get on it. Niggas is scared man. We breed cowards. All these niggas is cowards. You never see me at no industry party, you don’t see me interacting with these niggas ’cause they fucking cowards.”

In the first part of the interview, Saigon said he was at war with Atlantic Records and that he’s over his beef with Prodigy of Mobb Deep.


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