Jay Z & Timbaland Disagree Over “Big Pimpin’” Merits

Jay Z & Timbaland Disagree Over “Big Pimpin’” Merits


November 17th, 2015


Timbaland discusses the song in his “The Emperor of Sound” memoir.

Jay Z and Timbaland collaborated on the smash hit “Big Pimpin’,” but the star rapper and A-List producer view the song differently. 

In his 2010 book, Decoded, Jay Z wrote, “I can’t believe I said that. And kept saying it. What kind of animal would say this sort of thing?” 

Timbaland, who produced the song, looks back on the song through a different lens. 

“Making records is all about the moment,” Timbaland writes in his The Emperor of Sound memoir, per Rolling Stone. “You capture that moment in time and it’s a letter in a bottle. Sometimes, years later, you go back and you play a track and it’s like reading the diary of a you that you can barely remember. Doesn’t mean that the old you was bad or something to be ashamed of.”

In his book, which is due in stores tomorrow (November 17), the Virginia Beach, Virginia producer also says that he developed some of his sound by putting his vinyl outside.

“If you leave a a record out in the sun, it will warp,” he writes in his book. “[I]t’s going to have a strange, distorted sound. I love that sound and I started making beats with that vibe. I was thinking, Warp it a little, when I added belching synthesizers to the beat I was working on.”


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