And on Tuesday (May 1), Tha Dogg Pound veteran saw firsthand the increased visibility he’s brought upon himself.

“Muthafuckin’ police just stopped me … asked me about this Kanye West shit,” Daz reported on Instagram from an undisclosed Los Angeles location. “Look how many muthafuckin’ police it is,” he continued, zooming on a swarm of cop cars on the block.

At the end of April, Daz called for all Crips to bumrush Kanye on first sight, prompting West to file a restraining order for assured protection.

Daz took the news in jest, proclaiming he was going to frame and hang the document in his recording studio. And he displayed the same cheeky attitude as he got out of the vicinity of the cops who blew his spot up.

“But luckily, I’m blessed. I ain’t got shit on me so ‘fuck you.’ I handle business,” he declared as he focused his camera phone on a 2Pac hat he was rocking at the time of the police stop.

“Let the smashin’ and the Dashin’ begin — The Dashians,” he quipped. “Kris [Jenner] did you call the police on me? I’m out of here, fuck y’all,” he concluded.

And if you figure all these cops and legal paperwork is making Daz rethink his Kanye approach, you’re having wild thoughts.

The OG just announced his new self-produced single titled, “F K U #FUCKANYEUP.”