Method Man “The Meth Lab” Release Date, Cover Art & Deluxe Edition Tracklist

Method Man “The Meth Lab” Release Date, Cover Art & Deluxe Edition Tracklist


June 30th, 2015


The tracklisting of the deluxe version of Method Man’s forthcoming “The Meth Lab” album is now available.

UPDATE: The tracklist of the deluxe version of Method Mans’s The Meth Lab is now available, via A.V. Club.

It is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. The Meth Lab (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife)
  3. Straight Gutta (feat. Redman, Hanz On, Streetlife)
  4. Bang Zoom (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Eazy Get Rite)
  5. 50 Shots (feat. Mack Wilds, Streetlife, Cory Gunz)
  6. The Pledge (Hanz On, Streetlife)
  7. 2 Minutes of Your Time
  8. Worldwide (feat. Hanz On, Uncle Murda, Chedda Bang)
  9. Soundcheck (feat. Hanz On, Carlton Fisk)
  10. Water (feat. Chedda Bang)
  11. Lifestyles (Cardi, Eazy Get Rite, Freaky Marciano)
  12. The Purple Tape (feat. Raekwon, Inspectah Deck)
  13. Intelligent Meth (feat. Masta Killa, Streetlife, iNTeLL)
  14. Symphony (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Kash Verrazano, Carlton Fisk, Killa Sin)
  15. What You Getting Into (feat. Streetlife, Donny Cacsh)
  16. Another Winter (feat. Hanz On, Streetlife, Carlton Fisk)
  17. Rain All Day (feat. Hanz On, Dro Pesci)
  18. So Staten (feat. Hanz On, Hue Hef)
  19. Outro

(The first edition of this article was published January 10, 2014. That information is as follows.)

Method Man has released the cover art for his The Meth Lab mixtape, which he said on twitter that he’d be releasing in March.

Method Man also said that he’ll be releasing his Crystal Mef album in August.

In January 2013, the Wu-Tang Clan member provided an update on the then-titled Crystal Meth, which he has discussed as far back as 2008. During an interview with Montreality, he said he had not started recording the project but that he’s “going at my own pace” and needs “to get my ass off the couch.”

“I’ma start work soon,” he said at the time. “I can’t put a number on it. I’m doing it at my own pace, which is slow as shit. I need to get my ass off the couch. I been on that couch, heavy. I write a verse now and then because I don’t know if there’s any real listeners… You’ve gotta have a real listener in order to appreciate what you’re doing. I don’t want someone to say, ‘I like the beat.’ I hate that shit. Or, ‘I like the hook.’ There’s so much more to it than that. I hate that and the motherfuckers who run up on me every day thinking that I’m just a pothead or some shit. There’s so many more levels to my character than just smoking fucking weed.”

Method Man’s tweet about his forthcoming projects is as follows:

The cover art for The Meth Lab is as follows:

(January 10, 2014)

UPDATE: Method Man is set to release his The Meth Lab album August 21 on Hanz On Music/Tommy Boy Entertainment, according to a press release.

The collection was recorded in Staten Island, New York and is slated to feature Redman, Raekwon, Hanz On, Streetlife and Inspectah Deck, among others.

The album’s 17 songs were produced by Ron Browz, Allah Mathematics, J57 and 4th Disciple, among others.

The Meth Lab is scheduled to be available in multiple formats, including Deluxe Digipak, Standard Jewel Case, a Limited Collectable 2xLP and Gatefold Packaging with Crystal Blue Virgin Vinyl. Direct to fan bundles are also slated to be available via Bandcamp.

In January 2014, the Wu-Tang Clan member said that he’d be releasing The Meth Lab as a mixtape in March 2014 and a Crystal Mef album in August 2014.

The updated The Meth Lab artwork is as follows, as is a trailer for the album:

Method Man The Meth Lab Cover


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