MC Eiht Suggests Gangbanging Was Tupac’s Ultimate Downfall

MC Eiht Suggests Gangbanging Was Tupac’s Ultimate Downfall


February 6th, 2016


MC Eiht on Tupac: “He kinda stepped into a world that he wasn’t gonna probably be able to get out of.”

MC Eiht speaks on the possible involvement gangbanging had in the death of Tupac Shakur.

While speaking with Vlad TV, Compton, California rapper MC Eiht spoke on the negative impact gangbanging and gang affiliations had on the late Tupac Shakur.

According to MC Eiht, who revealed that he’s “always had good experiences” with ‘Pac, the rapper went “backwards” with his gang affiliations. He explained that the rapper could have still been here today, and gone on to leave “a way better mark,” specifically in music.

“I thought it was one of those scenarios to where you ask what you get for,” MC Eiht said. “He left us with this image of being this—One minute, he could be ‘Girls, fuck that. Stand up and empower yourselves.’ To one image it was ‘Fuck the world.’ And ‘I’mma shoot you. And blast on you.’ To one image, ‘I’m gangbanging. And I’m with Suge and the Bloods.’ So, to me, it was a hard role because it was some of those situations that he should’ve avoided. Gangbanging is going backwards. Especially if you started off on a different path. You didn’t start here. You started in other places…So, to go through all you went through and your end result is being killed in a drive-by…You could have been here and left a way better mark. Especially when it came to the rap game.”


Later in the conversation, the possibility that Tupac was killed as a result of the attack on Orlando Anderson, a member of the Crips, was brought up. MC Eiht further explained that Tupac, who wasn’t from Compton and didn’t have previous gang ties, stepped into a world he would have ultimately been unable to get out of.

“The streets talk,” he said. “Eventually, the streets talk…My thing about that is you have to really tread lightly when it comes to gangbanging affiliation and who you fuckin’ with. Because you might be trying to prove a point to the dudes you around. But you never have any idea who the fuck you fuckin’ with. And you don’t know if this dude done killed 50 mothafuckas or nobody. By him not being from Compton and [knowing] the foundations of these real dudes, he kinda stepped into a world that he wasn’t gonna probably be able to get out of.”

Video of MC Eiht speaking on Tupac’s gang affiliations, can be found below.

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